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June 29, 2004

Customs launch new surveillance vessel : News

(Source:'Cutter launch: custom-built craft to be used by Revenue' : Irish Times, p. 7, 29 Jun 2004)

The first purpose-built Revenue Customs cutter was officially named in Cork Harbour yesterday. The vessel, The RCC Surbheir, was an important strengthening of Revenue’s capacity to carry forward the fight against the importation of drugs, said Minister for Finance Mr McCreevy. Revenue Customs Section seized drugs worth €21 million and suspected drug-related cash of €500,000 in 2003. The 22.7m long cutter has a speed of 25 knots and can accommodate a crew of six – who will be unarmed. A Revenue spokesman said it was not envisaged that the RCC Surbheir would be used in confrontational situations; the crew could call on the Naval Service for assistance if needed

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